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Your custom bracelets will only be mailed out after 2-3 weeks after you make your order. If you have other items in your order, please note that all will be mailed along with your bracelets <3 (You can email us if you want to split the mailing, there will be another $2 for extra shipping fees)

4 Options;
1. 3 Strand
2. 2 Strand
3. Bow tie
4. 1 Strand

Please leave your album/lyric/word & era you want the bracelet to be themed after under remarks/comments. Also your preferred wrist size. If not we will use the average size.

Only order if you trust our creativity based on the bracelets we have produced we will not be showing you samples/options. If you have a particular bracelet you like that we have done so far, please do let us know as well. We will not create duplicates but we can recreate the ones you like with other beads available :)